Ann Dingle FRCS

It is with great sadness that we heard that Ann had passed away a few days ago.

Ann has been a tremendous supporter of EAN. She came on INF ear camps well before EAN became a registered charity. The photo of her was taken in her kitchen at the garden party she hosted to celebrate the foundation of EAN in 2013. Ann came on at least 6 ear camps, often to very remote areas. She never minded the hardship of the travel and accommodation; in fact, she relished it. She had always kept very fit, running and skiing regularly and enjoying her beautiful garden. It seems particularly hard that after a life dedicated to her patients, she should not have remained fit and well enough to enjoy any period of retirement. Although her main specialism was Head and Neck surgery in Crewe, she loved Nepal and Nepali people, and gave her time freely and generously for those with ear problems, particularly for those living in deprived circumstances. She was a founding trustee of EAN, and despite her illness continued to be actively involved until only a few weeks ago. Ann also raised funds, wrote many of our annual reports and kept track of potential volunteers and contacts, we are all extremely grateful to her. We will very much miss her sound advice and common sense.