From the front line ...

I have bought a few items for the hospital - bedding, towels, buckets and brushes! We have made sticky labels with the Ear Aid Nepal logo and are fixing these onto items Ear Aid Nepal will have paid for. We are also embroidering the logo onto the bedding. The idea was to show some visibility for EAN’s contribution. We have done the same for Swiss SON items, which is almost all the furniture.


I have had contact with the ‘Carestream' rep in Kathmandu, Tom arranged this, he is supplying me with information about a small CT scanner for the ear and other ENT problems. It seems it may be possible to get one here from them, which would be fantastic. We do not have costs yet, but it seems achievable.

We are very busily preparing for all the team arriving on Sunday and the camp and first use of the hospital on Monday. Although it is a great shame that the container is not here yet, we still have a place to be very pleased with.

We get lots of phone calls asking when we will open. I really hope that patients can get here OK, the country is in shut down.

Click above to watch the video of just one of the many motorbike queues!

There are huge queues for the tiny amount of fuel that gets in and there is no cooking gas. Food outlets are almost all using fire wood.


Roads are very quiet. There may be some fuel coming in from China soon as the Indian border is virtually closed and the government has just signed an agreement. Black market is getting some in, but vehicles have burned due to people smuggling containers of fuel! Police are stopping any buses, motorbikes etc and confiscating any fuel containers.

w engraving-one-od-the-plaques-for-the-donor-memorial-on-black-granite
Engraving one of the plaques for the donor memorial on black granite

Lots of things to talk to team about and big day on Tuesday with local bigwigs coming to opening and lots of speeches no doubt. Dreading that! We tried getting ambassadors etc here but the British one is new and only gives his credentials next week, plus they do not want to travel during the fuel crisis.

All for now,