Children at Swiss Speech Therapy School raise money for Nepali children

It is traditional in the Swiss Canton of Schwyz not to eat sweets between Carnival and Easter. Not everyone observes the tradition, but many do and the schools often follow the tradition encouraging the children who eat lunch at school to abstain from their dessert during these weeks. It is definitely a sacrifice for the children so the teachers at the speech therapy schools in Steinen and Pfäffikon (both in Canton Schwyz) decided to exchange the value of the desserts into money, which the children then donated to EarAidNepal to help Nepali children.

The children also baked little cakes and biscuits and sold them to their teachers to collect even more money for EarAidNepal. By the time they had finished they had raised the huge sum of 1,066.15 Swiss Francs (about £720 or $1,200)!!

On Thursday before Easter they invited Dr Mercedes Ogal (a paediatrician whose practice is also in Canton Schwyz and who volunteered for EarAidNepal in
November 2013) to hand over the great donation.

It was a wonderful occasion. The children handcrafted lamps and sang a carol at a ceremony conceived and organised by their teacher, Mrs Antonia Schuler, with the full involvement of all the children. It was really heart-warming!!

The children of the two Speech Therapy Schools in Steinen and Pfäffikon are very proud to have been able to help less fortunate children in Nepal with their hard-earned donation.