Mike Smith's report as the November 2014 Jumla Ear Camp gets underway:

All going well. We have been seeing over 150 patients per day, 300 arrived this morning so we had to put half off until tomorrow.

We have seen the 5-month-old baby with no ears and the audiologists are doing their best to assess her hearing and fit the soft band bone aid.

It is very cold (minus 2 degrees centigrade at night), with ice on the ground in the morning and they are heating water for us on a fire outside so we have a bit to wash with each morning. We had to buy a small gas fire to use in the operating theatre as patients, (and staff) were shivering during the operations! It is 11 pm and we have just finished a mastoid operation on a young man. We did about 15 major ops today.

We have been a little short staffed so far but the American part of the team return from a visit to a village tonight and should help swell our numbers and cover a few more jobs.

One little girl born deaf and dumb was running around with a big smile after someone gave her a knitted teddy bear, it is a pity that we cannot yet do more for children like this where they are already past the age to learn language.

Today we operated on a man in his twenties who lost all his hearing in both ears aged about 5 years. He can barely speak. He’s had multiple mastoid abscesses over the years. At least we have been able to help now.

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2014-11-16 08.44.06
Coming in to land at Jumla

2014-11-19 17.54.35
Night-time ward round (brrrrrrr!)

2014-11-18 10.57.13
Using the new operating theatre at Jumla hospital for the first time. 

The Audiologists at the Jumla 2014 Ear Camp