Cochlear Implant Update

Update – Dukchung and his cochlear implant Dukchung is a young boy that we supported for fitting of a cochlear implant a few years ago. He lost all his hearing after a viral infection. He comes from a very remote mountain community in north east Nepal.

Through our contacts with Sandra Eisner (previously audiologist at the ear centre) and her husband Dorje, who comes from the same community, we were able to be sure that Dukchung would have good follow up. Sandra has just reported that Dorje’s sister has visited Dukchung at the hostel where he lives in Kathmandu and goes to school. He is hearing well, doing well at school, and is growing into a very nice young man.

He had some difficulties coping with his implant in the village but copes very well at the hostel and is well supported. I was surprised to see pictures of him with a guitar, and apparently, he is an enthusiastic learner! We have no doubt that his future is bright, and very different from how it would have been, growing up profoundly deaf in the village.