An earthquake with magnitude 7.8 occurred near Lamjung, Nepal at 06:11:26 UTC on Apr 25, 2015
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From Mercedes Ogal 27 April 2015

Our thoughts are with the INF team which is on its way to the epicentre in Gorkha, Nepal. God bless them. All of them worked so very hard at the surgical and ear camp and they are in a need of a rest. Some have ill family members. But they just repacked the jeeps and filled them up with things needed and are now they on their way to Gorka. We will pray for them.

UPDATE from Mike Smith 16:26 BST 26 April 2015

I am at Summit Hotel now. It is raining and cold but many people are sleeping outside. Very crowded, they have put awnings and tents up. Some water now. They just made buffet curry for everyone. I came by road from Pokhara. Most of road is good. Some small landslides and large rocks on road in several places. Kathmandu roads fairly quiet and eery. All along road from Pokhara and here many people standing silently by roadsides outside buildings especially after the mid morning large aftershock today. On Kathmandu ring road and periphery there are some older brick or stone buildings collapsed or walls fallen but most houses look ok, especially the concrete ones. Everyone anxious in case of more shocks. INF are assembling team to go to Gorkha tomorrow morning, they think Gorkha bazaar is ok but higher up villages bad, it is the camps team, just back from the ear and surgical camp. I am sharing a room with s guy called Nick who was at Everest Base Camp when a huge avalanche hit. He has broken ribs, he came out by helicopter. He said that when the quake hit a wall of snow came down and across and wiped out all their camp and threw them all across the rocks. Some serious and even fatal injuries.

UPDATE from Mercedes Ogal 01:46 BST 26 April 2015

Yes, the team from the U.K. (Ian, Serge, Rachel, Carol, Eileen, Allan) left Kathmandu before the Earthquake. Hans and I got into the earthquake on our way to the airport in the Taxi. It was scary. 
After waiting six hours in front of the airport we got the information that they had closed the airport for the rest of the day and our flight was cancelled. Back in the Summit Hotel we met John and Pia who tried to figure out wether they should leave for the airport or not. All four of us slept outside last night because of the heavy after-shocks. It was safer. Electricity is now back at the Summit but not the water. 
We hope that we will get a flight today.

All the best to you all!!
Yours Mercedes, Hans, Pia and John

Text Message from Mike Smith immediately after the devastating earthquake:

“Tom Martin, Adrian Rootes and I all OK in Pokhara. We were outside when ground started shaking hard for some time, then mild. Some injured. Then again an hour later. Everyone ran out of buildings. We think the rest of the team in Kathmandu left by flight shortly before shocks. Heard from John Young that his sister Anna was at Summit Hotel, ground moving a metre to and fro and a big wave came out of the pool. Airport closed in Kathmandu but may have reopened. Bad damage in Kathmandu we hear but you may have more news in UK as phones not working well, all busy. I am due to fly to Kathmandu (from Pokhara) tomorrow if possible.”