Kathmandu, 18 November 2012

Today we had meetings with JSA, the ear hospital architects and engineers, and spent 2 hours looking at the near complete architectural drawings. The soil test drillings were very satisfactory, the ground is very stable and so no special measures are needed for foundations. We discussed many details such as building materials and estimates will be obtained for the options regarding flooring, roofing and internal walls. Because the INF AGM is next week, many of the management team and board will be in Kathmandu, so there will be some strategic planning discussion and decisions.

This afternoon 15 of our expat team assembled from UK, Australia and New Zealand and flew to Pokhara (B) see map below – Annapurna is to the north (F) and Everest to the east (E). We leave from here at 6.30 am by minibus to travel about 3 hours to Baglung (C) and meet the Land Rovers, then we travel on unmade roads for another 3-4 hours to reach Burtibang (D). The hospital building is still under construction and incomplete, with no windows, so we are not yet quite certain in which building the camp has been planned by our Nepali on site team to take place.

So, there may be some surprises in store!