Treatments Available


Outpatient medical

All forms of ear disease including infection, hearing loss and balance problems.
Assessment and treatment is by doctors and paramedical staff with postgraduate qualifications and training in ear disease.

Patients of all ages are seen, including young children and the elderly.

Investigation and treatment for all ear related conditions is available, whether this involves, advice, medicines, surgery, hearing aids, or other therapies including:

  • Dressings and minor procedures
  • Syringing
  • Microsuction, with video
  • Fibre-optic and rigid endoscopy
  • Video otoscopy
  • Speech therapy

Emergency care

Emergencies attending during normal working day, 9am-4pm Sunday-Friday will be seen in routine clinic, urgently if appropriate. Genuine emergencies attending outside normal working hours should request gate security and will be seen initially by the general medical officer of Green Pastures Hospital, then when suitable by the appropriate specialist.

Where necessary emergencies will be admitted to the ward. 24-hour care is available on the ward.

Hearing tests and hearing aids

The audiology department can perform a very wide range of technically advanced hearing tests. Testing is done in special sound proofed rooms. This includes testing babies and small children.

A large range of hearing aids of many types can be fitted or repaired. Most aids are digital and are matched to the individual patient’s hearing level, usually using computers and ‘real ear measurements’.

Inpatient facilities

  • 3 x 4 Bed wards.
  • 2 x Private single bedrooms, with TV, fridge, en-suite toilet and shower.
  • 2 x Private single bedrooms with above facilities plus air conditioning.

At the time of booking in patient care, it is possible to book general or private rooms as required. All beds also have sleeping facilities available for relative or guardian.

Prior to booking surgery, a full medical check will be arranged to assess for any special medical or anaesthetic requirements.


The Ear Centre is extremely well equipped, and all staff are specialty trained. All usual modern forms of ear surgery are performed, including microscopic and endoscopic. Many advances in technology are available, such as laser and facial nerve monitoring.

Conditions close to or related to the ear, such as surgery for parotid gland tumours or facial nerve palsy are available. (These benefit from the use of equipment used for ear surgery, such as the operating microscope and facial nerve monitor).

GPH-RC also has a plastic surgery service, which works closely with the Ear centre for suitable patients.

Anaesthetic facilities are excellent. Local or General anaesthetic (LA or GA) is available as suitable for each patient.

Charging structure

The hospital charges appropriately and fairly to all those who can pay, but also treats as many of the less advantaged as possible, after a formal social assessment of needs. Surgery is charged as packages depending on type of operation. The package prices include all costs, such as pre-operative assessment, bed charges, medicines, surgery and early post operative care.

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