Research & Ethics Approval


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There have been many publications by team members and associates in medical journals, and many presentations at medical meetings. We have included here some of this published and unpublished work, relating to people with ear disease in Nepal and developing countries.

We include articles and links to other authors with an interest in this field. (We apologise if any articles are not intended to be used in this way and will remove them from the site if requested).

Links to aid those searching for Nepalese demographic and health data are provided.

Statistics from some of our past ear camps are attached as downloadable files.

CAVEAT We do not wish any material on this site to be used as sole guidance for medical treatment of any individual. Any such use is the personal responsibility of the reader.

Ethics Approval

For anyone thinking of undertaking a research project in association with our programmes we must be fully informed at the outset. It will also be essential to gain approval from the ethical bodies in the following links. INF Ethics REC form NHRC Approval Proposal Format