Fiona and Mike are now in Kathmandu. They are busy with language study and orientation and as they both speak Nepali that will not be hard work for them. They are due to move to Pokhara in a few days time on 15 August 2015 when they will be house-hunting, checking up on colleagues and doing a host of other mundane but necessary jobs.

One of the best things that happened to Nepal was when Mike and Fiona were Called to work there. That was in the 80s when Mike came as a medical officer to the leprosy hospital. He didn’t know anything about tendon transplants but he pulled the books out and studied hard and this resulted in many very happy patients. So much so that when Mike and Fiona decided to return to the UK, the patients only wanted their operation done by Dr Mike “because he has the hand of God”.

Fiona was a great back up for Mike and without Fiona, his divinely-chosen wife, there would have been no Mike. She never complained (to Mike’s colleagues anyway!!) about his long hours in the hospital. Their compassionate hearts for the Nepali people was very obvious and drew Nepalis to them.

For Mike, the truest of believers, his vision for the creation of an ENT department in the government hospital and the needs of patients in the remote areas of Nepal, could only have been divinely inspired. And so the ear camps came about. Some years later, despairing that the needs of ear patients could not be dealt with in the camps, Mike had a dream in which a young Nepali boy appeared and asked “Who will help us now?”. This was not a question for Mike but a command that set him on the road to build a hospital. He did not know from where the funds would come but he believed that “the Lord will provide”. And He did! In a few weeks time the Ear Hospital and Training Centre will open it’s doors offering treatment for the needy and training for the doctors.

Mike and Fiona’s main concern is to help and through this share the love of God. Mike, as the surgeon, has never been out to “make a name for himself” – he wants to show the compassion of Christ by relieving the suffering of the people. Mike and Fiona truly are people who “act justly, show mercy and walk humbly with their God”.

We wish them well.

The Trustees