Mike Smith reporting from Chainpur, Nepal

We are all fine and busy, 19 operations yesterday and about 150 out-patients each day. Today is Nepali new year 2070 so not sure yet, but it may be a quiet day in out-patients. Lots of operations to do though, and dental and hearing aids are also very busy.

This little 5 year old had really bad bilateral ear infections with no ear drums and very poor hearing, so we’re hoping that the mastoid operation will change things a lot for her. We need to plan how to see her and do the other ear later, maybe at the Pokhara ear camp in November.

We operated until 2am two nights ago, but only until 10pm last night and this morning we struggled to wake up and get going on the 1km walk across the bridge to work!

It’s sunny and warm here with views of mountain tops through gaps in the hills up the valleys.