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Leaving a legacy to EarAidNepal

This is a wonderful, life-changing way of helping with ear and hearing health in Nepal.

All funds left to EarAidNepal will go to supporting the
founding principles and the constitution of the charity. The objectives of the Charity, as stated in the constitution are: (1) to promote and protect the physical and mental health of those affected by conditions affecting the ear in Nepal and the Himalayan region (or elsewhere in the world at the trustees’ discretion) through the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice; (2) to advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to conditions affecting the ear.

This is achieved principally through supporting the Ear Centre in Pokhara and includes patient care at the centre and through outreach and community work. The charity workers in the UK are voluntary and take no salary and so 100% of all charitable giving goes into patient care, either directly such as financial assistance for those unable to cover costs themselves or by meeting the costs of maintaining the work and standards of the Ear Centre in Pokhara. Some funding is also used to provide educational and training grants to Nepali Ear Doctors, Nurses and other staff.
Some examples of costs (2021) for direct patient care are as follows:

Some examples of costs (2021) for direct patient care are as follows:

Repair of ear drum operation £180 - 200
Mastoid operation £300 - 350

Community ear screening and treatment outreach camp to rural area for 2-3 days with several staff: £1000-2000

Hearing Aid (Basic) £40-50
New Digital Hearing Aid (Basic) £200-500

Examples of more major costs include:

- buying new hearing test equipment (£4,000 - £10,000),

- buying microscopes for use in the operating theatres and out-patient clinics (£10,000 - £70,000).

- recently we have been trying to help fund patients to be fitted with life changing cochlear implants that restore hearing for those who have lost all of their hearing (£8,000 - £15,000).

(As an example, the annual budget for the Ear Centre at INF Green Pastures Hospital, 2020/21 showed income from patient charges, (all of which are very reasonable and subsidised by many donations in kind that the hospital has received) of £234,000 and from overseas donations of £17,000 (total £251,000), and total expenditure of £234,000. However, during this period there was very limited outreach activity (due to Covid lockdowns) and very low capital expenditure. both of which are dependent on donations, as are the number of needy patients we can treat at reduced or zero cost).

How to leave a legacy (UK)

It costs you nothing to leave a legacy as it is only payable out of money left when you die.

No inheritance tax is payable on gifts to registered charities like EarAidNepal, so all of your money goes to the cause you select. The gift is deducted from your estate before Inheritance tax is calculated so there is no adverse effect on anything else (and it may, in exceptional circumstances, reduce the rate of tax your executors pay).

Take a copy of this page to a solicitor and instruct them to write the legacy into your will, it is important that it is properly worded and legally witnessed.

The details of EarAidNepal must be correctly stated in your Will:

Registered address:

52 St. Anne’s Road


Registered Charity number 1152225

It is preferable that your legacy is left as a
percentage of the residue of your estate (what’s left after all other bequests to family, friends etc.) rather than a set sum (called a “pecuniary gift”). This is because it may be many years between your making your will and your death. In this time inflation will eat into the real value of a fixed sum.

Please specify that your gift is “to be used for the general purposes of EarAidNepal”. If there is a particular cause within our remit that is dear to your heart, add this as a
preference. We will always try to use your gift as you wish. Where this is impossible, e.g. because we have fully funded that project by the time your legacy becomes payable, this wording allows the money to be used for immediate vital equipment or service needs.

If you do not already have a will or wish to make a new one, then you may wish to use a service such as FreeWills. They offer an online service which is free
* of cost for you, your beneficiaries and the charity.

*To quote FreeWills: "We make our money by customers returning to us for paid services, such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, or for purchasing products such as Funeral Plans.  All our paid services are optional and about 90% of people who use our site do not pay for these additional services. It is the 10% that do that allow us to provide the service for free.  It is similar to the way apps on most people’s smart phones are free").