Medicine in The Mountains – How a Dream Became a Hospital

This inspirational book, written by David Hawker (anaesthetist), Ellen Findlay (Nursing sister and organiser) and Mike Smith (surgeon) chronicles the many medical camps they participated in and ran in Nepal for over 25 years eventually leading to the development of the Ear Centre in Pokhara and the women’s fistula centre in Surkhet.

Against the background of broad brush strokes of Nepal’s history and geography, David Hawker tells a dramatic story. After 20 years working in Nepal, Nurse Ellen Findlay saw an opportunity to go and attempt to meet the desperate needs of people living in the remote and inaccessible mountains of Nepal. With vision, determination and bravery, she and surgeon Mike Smith pioneered outreach into some of Nepal’s most isolated and poverty-stricken communities. For 25 years, 7-10 day surgical, medical and dental camps were organised, treating more than 100,000 sick people during civil war and political upheaval, many in places with no roads or airstrips. Finally, after the massive earthquake of 2015, specialist gynaecological and ear centres were established to provide ongoing treatment and training for Nepali clinicians.

The book includes many photographs, memories of patients, places and volunteers, and some of the events during troubled times in Nepal including the civil war, a border blockade and a major earthquake.

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