Rolpa Ear Camp underway

Reports just in say that the 12 strong team have arrived in a wet Kathmandu with high spirits and full stomachs ready to fly out to Butwal (https://goo.gl/maps/rRZ0P about 260km from Katmandu) and keen to get to started!!

We look forward to more reports soon!

19 April 2015 – Claire Ferrer reports:

Camp is going well – we’ve seen 850 patients so far, 1,147 registered and 66 operations and about 90 hearing aids fitted. Just completed 3 1/2 days. The weather has been mixed with some hail and thunderstorms but camp is going well. We’ve a lovely video of a lady dancing when she had her hearing aid fitted: she was so happy today. Lots of patients who have walked several days or travelled several hours by vehicle and several successful post op reviews on patients from previous camps.

Best wishes from all the team

21 April 2015 – Serge Pal reporting …

Last day of operating to go – 14 ear operations left today. Yesterday resorted to having Dhaal Bhat in theatres with Mike closing play at 00:30! Hopefully will manage to get everything done today.