In February 2017 the staff at the Ear Centre were excited to realise that they had just seen their 7,006th new patient since opening in November 2015! Many have retuned for follow up, so the total number of consultations and out-patient procedures is even larger. They have also now done 517 ear operations. Despite obstacles and delays with visas and with importation of medical items, the work has gone on and the team are very happy to be able to report that so many people have been helped. The hospital is highly regarded and has recently been used as movie set twice! Several thousand people have also had hearing tests and nearly 500 hearing aids have been fitted.

I attach a photo of Bishesh, one of the new INF staff who works in Registration and Statistics, standing with just some of the patient files. We have designed record books for out-patients and for in-patient episodes and these are working very well. Note the doll behind him that the children in the waiting area play with – it was knitted by one of our supporters!