EAN helps to support and recruit professionals who wish to help people in Nepal with conditions affecting the ear and hearing.

It does this principally but not exclusively by assisting the Ear Treatment and Training Centre (ETTC) in Pokhara, including its ear care outreach and community work (Ear Services).

EAN is a source of information, resources and contacts to potential volunteers and those working in this field. The ETTC is part of the Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre (GPH-RC), run by the International Nepal Fellowship.

GPHRC, ETTC and Ear Services have expanded rapidly in the last few years. INF is an organisation with Christian leadership, which has over 60 years of experience in Nepal, principally with health projects and community development work (www.inf.org).

INF has a Nepali led board in Nepal (INF/N) as well as an international board (INF/I) overseeing its co-operation with its other agencies around the world. These include INF/UK, INF/Australia, INF/NZ and many other independent partners, donors and seconding agencies.

Volunteers are asked to be aware of INF’s core values of probity and to commit to working in keeping with these.

EAN also works directly with other professionals in the field such as the Society of Otolaryngologists of Nepal (solnepal.org.np).


EAN are happy to inform and facilitate volunteering and aim to find the best possible trained and experienced persons. EAN does not take responsibility in any form for the volunteers themselves or for their actions.