Audiology Volunteers

Ear Centre

We are indebted to many audiologists who have helped assess patients, provided equipment and hearing aids, and trained our staff.

We continue to greatly value this input. Volunteers have come from every level from student to very experienced university and academic staff.

Please let us know of your interest, we can plan a schedule, usually but not necessarily including some teaching sessions to deliver. If you have a subspecialist area of the specialty such as paediatrics, tinnitus counselling, vertigo, then that can be very useful in updating our team. Many have also undertaken small audit projects.

Audiologists often help us by collecting functioning equipment such as audiometers or hearing aids and donating these. We can usually find a way to bring these to Nepal.


We could not cope on outreach teams without basic audiology. During a visit it is often possible to join a team visiting a village for 1-3 days. This gives an amazing insight to the local culture and the needs of people affected by ear disease and deafness.
We usually carry 2-3 small battery powered diagnostic audiometers and a tympanometer. We are looking at newer IT solutions to basic audiology and hearing aid fitting and also to maintenance, in remote situations. The work is usually very busy. Hearing aids are fitted using a single stage soft mould or ready made/universal moulds. We are constantly in need of aids to supplement our supplies. We often see people with profound hearing loss some of whom are also dumb, they often develop local types of sign language. We sometimes see people with congenital problems like atresia, so bone hearing aids are useful. (See Jemima and Bridget’s Audiology Tips)

Audiology Language Sheet

Experiences of Audiologists on the April 2013 Ear Camp



Hearing aid Bajhang
Hearing aid, Bajhang, 2013

Hearing aid fitting
Hearing aid fitting, Bajhang, 2013

Hearing aid, Bajhang
Hearing aid fitting, Bajhang, 2013

Hearing aid, traditional healer, Bajhang, 2013
Hearing aid, traditional healer, Bajhang, 2013