Equipment Needs



Medical Equipment needs for the projects

The Ear Centre is well equipped, however if you have access to spare equipment or disposables then some items are very useful. Please do discuss with us.

Items we are particularly keen to obtain include: mastoid drill burrs, colour coded suction tips, BIPP antiseptic paste, and any ossiculoplasty prostheses. Open packets, single used or OOD items can be cleaned, re-packed or re-sterilised here as necessary.

Sometimes you may be offered larger items such as operating microscopes, surgical suctions, mastoid drill systems, video cameras, digital recorders, audiometers, monitors, diathermy machines, flexible and rigid endoscopes, light sources, fibre-optic cables, pulse oximeters. Please let us know about these because we do need them or we may need the spare parts. We can arrange or discuss how to get them here.

Useful medical items

In no particular order:

  • Facial nerve monitor needle electrodes
  • Size 8 or 8.5 surgeon’s gloves
  • Size 15 scalpel blades
  • Gelfoam (gelatin sponge)
  • BIPP antiseptic paste
  • Emla or Ametop topical anaesthetic cream
  • Silver Nitrate sticks (Avoca, look like long match sticks)
  • LA needles, thin and long, (ideally grey hub type, 25 or 27g x 1 5” or 1 ¾” long)
  • Mastoid drill burrs, any size, cutting or diamond. Especially the large size cutting. (We clean and sterilise). Any brand.
  • Stapes burrs, such as Xomed Skeeter type, any size, especially small diamond (0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 diameter).
  • Mastoid drill hand pieces, see style in photo, (various companies, such as Bien Air)

    Picture 1

  • Suction cannulae , similar to picture, (especially sizes 18-22 gauge, but any are useful)

    Picture 1

  • Hearing aid batteries, common sizes
  • Hearing aids, any type, especially behind ear digital (if possible with programming software discs)
  • BNF (British National Formulary book, recent date), adult and paediatric
  • Gelfilm, (ophthalmic gelatin film)
  • Epidisc or Epifilm (slowly absorbent hyaluronic acid film)
  • Head rings for patients head support on operating table, paediatric and adult sizes. Gel or foam types.
  • Sutures, but only Vicryl 3/0, 4/0, Prolene 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, on needles and in date.
  • Any TORP or PORP ossiculoplasty prostheses. (Any date, material, or design. open packets are also fine, we re-sterilise)
  • Zeiss microscope parts, any or complete, including any video camera adapters/connectors
  • Pure tone audiometers, ideally with extra sets of spare cables for the headphones.
  • Tympanometers, for ear drum mobility testing

If you have other items such as equipment, monitors, drill systems etc., please e-mail us with details.