Students Work

There are a number of areas in which students have worked with us.

1. Medical student volunteers on ear outreach teams
These outreach visits are short (generally 1-3 days). it is often possible to of these community ear care outreach visits during a placement. At the GPH Ear Centre

2. Student volunteers at the ear hospital
Medical students that have an intention to specialise in ENT surgery after qualification are welcome to approach us for short ‘taster’ visits for 1-3 weeks. They will have plenty of opportunity to see and assess.

3. Medical Student electives
For attachment periods of 2-4 months it is necessary to apply to the Green Pastures Hospital, medical superintendent with a formal process. Suitable students will probably spend their attachment working across a selection of specialties.

4. Student research projects
Several students studying for Bachelor of Medical Science, International or Public Health or Audiology degrees, usually intercalated as part of their course, have spent 4-8 weeks in Nepal. We have provided ideas and on the ground support for projects working with the deaf and those with ear conditions. Several projects have become peer reviewed publications or been presented at international conferences.