We are seeking sponsors for our work and welcome approaches from individuals and organisations. Sponsors may include charitable groups, businesses with an interest in the care of the deaf and hard of hearing, or other interested parties.

In return we will offer space to describe their involvement and display their logo on this page and are ready to negotiate the details.

We believe that we can offer an excellent opportunity to support needy persons and to make excellent use of donations, goods or services. We have rigorous accounting practices that we are ready to discuss in detail with potential donors and sponsors.

A number of organisations and companies have provided us with charitable discounts or free services and we are happy to acknowledge them here. Notable examples have been: Olympus Medical, Bien Air and Guymark.

Please contact us here.

GN Otometrics team – for the supply of the HiPro (audiology hearing aid programming equipment) to the November 2014 ear camp.

Phonak Australia/NZ team for the supply of 15 Naida S SP hearing aids and software CDs to the November 2014 ear camp.

Oticon Australia team for supply of an otoscope (ear torch), pre-bent tubing, size 675 and size 13 batteries to the November 2014 ear camp.

Hearing Life, Bowral NSW and Canberra Audiology – who donated hearing aids that their patients no longer used to the November 2014 ear camp.

Canberra Audiology – who donated hearing aids that their patients no longer used to the November 2014 ear camp.

Brindabella Hearing & Speech Centre for the supply of a Toshiba laptop specially for the fitting of digital hearing aids, and the time for D-Marie, one of their audiologists, to attend the November 2014 ear camp and share her expertise.

RAYOVAC, the manufacturer of the World's No.1 selling hearing aid battery, has a long and proud history of innovations, which amongst others, includes the introduction of zinc air cells, new hearing aid battery references, pack sizes and innovative packaging designs. (see news item here)

KARL STORZ provides an entire range of endoscopes and instruments from basic equipment for the ENT practice through complete sets of endoscopic and surgical instruments up to the high-technology system for video-assisted endoscopy and autofluorescence. These perfectly matched endoscopes, instruments and appliances are of unsurpassed quality.

Endoscope-i endoscope-i have created the worlds first endoscopic iPhone system combining the endoscope-i App with the ergonomic endoscope-i adapter. These tools empower the clinician to facilitate 'easy digital display & documentation' (e-3d) of medical images.

The members of earaidnepal recognise the service and sacrifice that INF and its many members have provided to the people of Nepal over the past 60 years.

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