Actions & Opportunities


Surgery and outpatient medical work

A key need for the Ear Centre is for unpaid volunteers to visit in a training and networking capacity, with clinical work being done only in conjunction with the Nepali team. Surgical volunteers of all grades are welcome to contact us. Experienced Otologists are invaluable and are welcomed to share their skills and provide a resource for education and training. More junior staff can contribute to the training of the allied medical workforce and work with colleagues to assess and discuss outpatients. Theatre nurses, especially but not exclusively, those with ENT or ear experience are also welcome.


Whilst the key need for the ETTC is for volunteers in a training capacity it is expected that this will be in a practical fashion, with clinical work being done only in conjunction with the Nepali team.


Anaesthetists and anaesthetic paramedicals of all grades are welcome to contribute to training and to assist local medical and allied health professional colleagues.

Volunteers for the ear hospital

Elective and other medical students can periodically be accommodated. We refer students making enquiries to the medical superintendent of Green Pastures Hospital where there is an established application procedure. For students having a particular interest to pursue ENT or ear related experience, we may be able to arrange part or all of an elective period within the Ear Centre.

Student research projects

Students doing Bachelor of Medical Science, International or Public Health degrees, usually intercalated as part of their medical studies, have spent several weeks in Nepal supporting research projects. We have provided ideas and on the ground support for projects working with the deaf and those with ear disease or at risk (see publications and research research articles section). Please contact us if you are interested in supporting a research project linked to the Ear Centre. Local ethical processes and reporting must be observed.


From time to time we need help with technical aspects of the work at the ear hospital and for outreach services. We would be grateful to hear of people with specialist skills that we may be able to use. Examples would be:

  • Bio-medical technical
  • Donor coordination, fund raising and publicity
  • Health education
  • IT


A key objective for EAN is to support the further education and training of Nepalese working in the field of ear disease and ear surgery. To this end, each year it provides bursaries for 2 Ear Surgeons and 1 Audiologist to attend an appropriate training course in the UK or elsewhere. This provides the opportunity to travel outside Nepal and is frequently combined with a period of observer-ship arranged with colleagues in the UK. Please see details of criteria for application and reports from previous recipients here.


On occasions we can find a role for professionals of other disciplines. This can be helpful for couples who may choose to volunteer together.