• We aim to help those with poor access to health care, directly or through teaching others.
  • We aim to treat people with compassion and respect.
  • We aim to keep perspective on the needs of the whole community, not just those who reach the referral centre.
  • We aim to work in the community, to better understand the situation there and support a sustainable model of care.
  • We aim to teach the trainees on their territory, so that treatments can be planned in an appropriate way.
  • We aim to observe and listen to local staff, not distracting them from where they are needed and providing training that is appropriate for their needs.

In the provision of outreach services we recognise the need to:

  • Improve the standing of local hospitals and the clinics we visit.
  • Support clinical services, be available to advise, offer referral options and contacts.
  • Create a positive collegiate working pattern with local staff.
  • Consider donation of equipment and ensure that local staff have knowledge to use it effectively.
  • Offer training to all levels of staff to promote a sustainable service.
  • Promote Health Education to the local community.
  • Understand the needs of the local community and share data related to visits, to influence ongoing care and health priorities.

We aim to avoid some potential pitfalls of working in Low to Middle Income Countries (LMIC)

  • Leaving problems for local staff
  • Costs
  • Patient complications without a contingency plan
  • Waste disposal
  • Wrong Aims
  • Self-promotion
  • Political gain
  • Self-enjoyment
  • Raising unrealistic expectations
  • Providing ineffective care
  • Disrupting local services
  • Wasting resources