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Ear Aid Nepal exists to support work with those who have conditions affecting the ear in Nepal. Ear Disease and deafness are the commonest disability but often go ignored because casual observers do not immediately notice these conditions. However, for the sufferer they can cause problems ranging from severe pain, through life threatening infection to loss of education and diminished relationships in society. Why ear disease should be so common in Nepal is unknown, but is probably due to a combination of many factors including living conditions, frequent upper respiratory infections in childhood, smoke and dust in the home, nutritional deficiencies and lack of adequate knowledge about care and treatment of the early stages of infection. The lack of medical facilities in many of the remote parts of the mountainous country and the costs involved must also play a part.

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Our aim is simply to help people in Nepal who have ear problems.
Having seen how common these conditions are we feel a need to show compassion. There is a verse in the Book of Proverbs (3, 27) which sums up this motivation:

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.

Those of us who have had many opportunities want to share our experience and training with others. We can treat individual people but we can also teach others. Our hearts are especially for those living in relatively poor situations where obtaining treatment may seem like an impossible dream.

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Travelling to Burtibang, 1992

Ear Aid Nepal is a group who first started ear camps in Nepal whilst working as volunteers at the Western Regional Hospital in Pokhara, as part of the International Nepal Fellowship’s ‘Hospitals Assistance Programme’. The first very small ENT training camp took place in the village of Burtibang in 1992; our first INF ear camp, in Beni village in 1993, followed this. Those who started this work are all committed Christians. Over the years we have had many volunteers work with us from different backgrounds. The ear camps will continue and now we have the opportunity to develop a hospital and training centre with INF. Our aim is to support and fund raise for these projects and to provide backup and expertise, a platform for training, and links with very experienced professionals around the world. The original group is expanding as we bring in new skills. We are all volunteers, offering our time freely and receiving no financial benefit.

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Burtibang ENT Camp, 1992