Medical Council Regn



Nepal Medical Council (NMC) registration

In some situations, especially for longer-term voluntary work you need to obtain and pay for a work visa and then register with the NMC. If so we will notify you and request the following paperwork. Please scan and send as soon as possible as the application process can be very lengthy.

  • Certificate of Basic Medical qualification
  • Certificate of Post-graduate specialty qualification
  • Certificate of registration by medical (or dental) council in home country – in the UK this is available on GMC/GDC website
  • Letter of good standing. In the UK you can request a letter of good standing to be mailed directly to the NMC, Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal at:
  • Passport main page
  • A JPEG passport style photograph – please also bring 3 spare copies in case they are needed

NMC registration papers available at:

Please print, complete and bring the original with you.
When you arrive in Kathmandu we will also need:

  • A photocopy of the current tourist visa page from your passport. This is the visa you obtained on entry to the country.
  • The fee for temporary registration, currently USD 60 per month

For Doctors an interview may need to be arranged at the NMC. This is usually held on a Sunday morning or midday. It is likely to be a quick formality for those with qualifications from developed countries as our office is in regular communication with the NMC.

Occasionally doctors have been asked slightly more probing questions about the planned work here. It is important to remember that any work undertaken in Nepal will be alongside suitably qualified Nepali staff. Obtaining a work visa may necessitate an interview at one of the Nepali government ministries.